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Organize garage, a must if you are going to have vehicles placed in here, I know many use this space for storage of all kinds, sometimes this space is so full of our stuff, that we cannot get the car in here.

  Let’s have a look at what it takes to get the garage into order.

 A good system includes

  • Flexibility to store everything you have
  • Shelves, great for long term storage, they should also have a large weight capacity
  • Bars, for hanging items like tools for the garden or bicycles
  • Hooks, to hang items from the bars, there should be many types to hold many different items 

Of course you do not have to use anyone’s system; you can adapt what you’ve seen here and put the ideas to use in your own garage.

  Shelf's bars and hooks are available in your local hardware store, or home center. You can also pick up all of the containers you could ever need there. I had a client that managed to purchase end of line cabinets that were all tall storage cabinets for next to nothing.

  They then placed them down one wall of the garage, housing absolutely everything in the garage.  The top was used for outdoor furniture storage in the winter. 

Another wall was used for hooks to hold bicycles, one of the cabinets was used for brooms, rakes, and etc. a hole was drilled into the top for long handled items. So you see, an Organize Garage system can be put together for little or no money, Just sit down figure out what you need to place into your garage and come up with a system that does just that. 

Remember to keep it simple, but above all clean. Of course I’m going to talk about cleaning here, so get ready, it’s not really hard.

Keeping it picked up and clear of all trash is number one.  Where I live, trash cans and recycle bins are kept inside out of sight, they are brought out only on their respective pick-up days and the containers placed back into the garage out of sight.You may be able to keep yours outside.

Keeping everything up off of the floor is a very good idea for a well Organize Garage, it keeps the rodents away and any mold from starting to take place.

Sweep the garage out at least once a month, and go through and take out those items you no longer use or need and call your favorite charity to have them come and pick them up, this helps to keep the garage in great order.

   Make sure all items are place back where they belong at all times, this keeps your garage very neat.

  Once a year is a good idea for washing down the floors and windows in here, If your garage is a nesting place for spiders, you may want to go over the ceilings and walls with a brush to remove the cob webs.

  Other than that you should be in great shape. Your Organize Garage system should now be working for you very well.

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