What is the best product for cleaning television and computer monitors?

Micro Cloths They are very good things

Micro Cloths They are very good things

Dust build up! Streaks!

Hello and welcome to our site. Thank you for the question. Keeping our monitors and LCD screens clean of fingerprints and streaks from wiping them down,is an easy task to perform.
1. using an anti static spray, spray onto a soft cloth preferably a micro-cloth, and wipe over your screen or monitor. dry thoroughly with another micro cloth. your done. enjoy.
2. Using a micro cloth, fill your sink with some warm water and a few drops of liquid detergent. add the micro cloth and wring it out dry. wipe over your screens and monitors. and dry with a micro cloth. your done enjoy.

Use either one of these methods for removing your streaks and fingerprints.
Remember to Keep it Simple, But Above all Clean.

feel free to ask us a question at any time.
Thanks and have a great day.

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