Basement Organization

Basement Organization starts with a plan.  Clear containers make finding what you’re looking for easy, and shelving keeps everything neat and tidy.  We all know about the drop zone that describes the basement.

  Want to store something? Put it in the basement.  No place to hide those decorations? send them to the basement.  Does that extra piece of furniture really need to be here? relegate it to the basement, the kids can use it when their down there. 

You get the idea, anything you no longer need or are using at this moment, gets sent to the basement, and of course when two families combine their must keep,, it becomes an avalanche, and Basement Organization becomes a must do project. 

You keep telling yourself, I’ll get to that over the week-end, but your schedules never come together to make that happen, so the storage keeps piling up until you just can’t stand it anymore.

  You finally set the time aside, gather the family and put your plan into motion. 

You’re Steps

  • Shelfing – you can build shelfing, or you can purchase shelfing at your local big box store, or a great alternative is look in your local newspaper for house sales and call to see if they have any shelfing for sale. If you do not have a budget for shelfing, just stack your containers with like items together.
  • Storage containers – Big box stores have an array of containers, just make sure that they are see-through, for easy access, great for Basement Organization.  Even the local hardware stores carry these containers today.  Look for their sales. 
  • You’re Plan – Make sure your plan includes what you want to keep, what you can give to charity, and what you will throw away.  There is one more to consider here and that is, think about having a garage sale to get rid of some of your items, and put some money into your pocket.

Now that you have your shelfing in place and your containers to store your items in, start going through everything.

 Put like things together, filling one container at a time.  As you fill the containers, remove the empty boxes and bags to the recycle bin. 

One by one place your containers together on the shelving, you will then start to see your Basement Organization start to come together, you may find that you now have a wrapping station, and another station that contains your Christmas items, and yet another that is for your hobby. 

You now can see that the Basement Organization was a very good idea. 

When you’re done, all of your items should be accessible, and stored in containers that make it easy to find what you’re looking for. 

There are other spaces in many basements that also need to be kept in order.  From work rooms, where all of your tools are kept, to possibly a laundry room and even a room for the mechanics for your home like the furnace and water heater. Include all of these spaces.

Your basement should now look great. Everything you wanted to keep is in storage containers, everything you wanted to throw out has been taken to the trash cans, and everything that you want to give to charity has been placed into bags to send out. You may also have placed items aside for a garage sale. Think about also sealing the basement flooring, it could help to make it easier to clean . 

   Enjoy your well organized basement. 

  Watch this transformation and get some great ideas for yourself

Useful Resources

Basement Organization, read all about it in our library, check out book number 34

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