Brass Cleaners

Cleaning Your Brass

Brass Cleaners:  There are of course many on the market, but my favorites are Wenol and Brasso.

Of course, Brasso, is a familiar name to most, but Wenol is not.   It’s a high-end cleaner that I learned about from a shop keeper in Chicago.

One day, while walking through the Water Tower Shopping district, I ran across a store that was devoted entirely to brass. While admiring some of the pieces in the store, I noticed that the helpers in the store were cleaning the brass.

When I asked the owner what they were using, he said it was a cleaner from Europe, that they had found while on a buying trip for the store.

He said they started using it right away and noticed when they were done cleaning that the brass shined like glass.

I mentioned to him that it was remarkable, and that I could use some of the cleaner on my clients' pieces.

He asked what I did for a living and I mentioned that I was in the cleaning business, both residential and commercial, and that I was always on the look-out for new cleaners that would make the job easier.

He mentioned where I could purchase the Wenol.

I thanked him and said I would be back to his store soon.   I walked on to my next stop and on the way home that very day, purchased the cleaner.  I’ve used it ever since.

For years before finding Wenol, I used Twinkle.

It did exactly as I wanted but never really shined like glass.

Of course, Brasso has always been a favorite.   It’s easy to use and does everything and gets the job done.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, it could amaze you and make your day.

Of course, back in my Navy days while I was aboard ship and in the chip, sand, and paint division, we used a piece of wool that had been soaked in a tarnish remover,  filled with polish.

We just pulled a piece out and started to wipe down the brass on the railings throughout the ship.

It went very fast but was tedious to say the least.   I didn’t stay too long in that division and moved onto cooking and then into personnel work, never having to polish the brass again.

But here I am some thirty years later back at it again. Who knew?

Brass Cleaners a video.

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