Clean Tile Floor

Who doesn’t want a Clean Tile Floor?  There is nothing like walking into the laundry room and stepping into something spilled.  Maybe it was the detergent or softener that was spilled when doing the last load of laundry.

Whatever it was, no one wants to step into it.

So make a habit of cleaning up after yourself, instructing others to do the same, and this won’t happen to you.  Of course, if you don’t care that you have a shoe that sticks to the floor, attaching everything to it, then don’t bother going any further.   Your day has been made.

However, if you want to keep this floor clean, pay attention.    There are only a few types of tile that are used for flooring: ceramic, rubber, vinyl, porcelain, and natural stone.  Whichever type of tile you have on your floor,


1.  Remove everything from the floor.  QUICK TIP-- Use your laundry basket as a container for these items, and remove it from the room.

2.  Vacuum or sweep the floor.  Try to get behind the washer and dryer. You can use a brush to make this happen.

3.  Fill a bucket with some warm water and some bio-green –clean.  Add your micro cloths, along with a soft brush.

4.  Using your knee pad, get down on your knees and start washing the floor.   First take your brush, add some water to it and go over a section of the floor.  Then using your micro cloth, wipe it up and move onto another section until the entire floor has been cleaned.  Be sure that you wash down the baseboards.

5.  Return your items in the basket to the laundry room and place them where they were before you started.

6.  You’re done.  How much fun was that?  Now that you know what a Clean Tile Floor is, you can take it on the road and do the rest of the floors in your home.  Enjoy

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