Cleaning A Refrigerator

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Cleaning A Refrigerator is the kind of job we'd all like not to do, but we also know that it must be done once in a while.

It's a great idea to throw the bad food out, making space for the good by cleaning out the bacteria and any unpleasant odors.

It just makes sense to keep it clean.  After all, we do eat the food and consume the liquids from here.

So making it a very clean space is a good idea.

Here are some very easy steps for getting the refrigerator cleaned.

  • Either pull the plug to the unit or turn off the control switch.
  • Cleaning a Refrigerator starts by removing all the items on the top shelf, and removing the shelf.
  •  Fill your bucket with some hot water, a few drops of liquid detergent and add a cupful of bleach to the mixture.
  • Beginning with a soft terry cloth, added to your bucket of warm water 
  •  Wipe down the inside of the refrigerator on the top and the sides, down to the next shelf.
  •  The bleach will help remove bacteria and spills.
  •  Take the shelf you removed and place it in the sink.
  •  Turn on the hot water and clean both sides.
  •  When done, wipe dry and return it to the refrigerator.
  •  Let the water run in the sink and wash and dry each item that will be returned to the shelf.
  • This, of course, is a good time to throw out all those items you no longer need or want.
  •  Of course, placing a new box of baking soda on the shelf to help remove odors is a great idea. 
  •  Repeat the steps above and continue until all of the shelves have been cleaned.  Cleaning A Refrigerator is easy, right?
  •  Now remove the drawers from the bottom, and take out all of the items, placing them on the counter-top.
  •  Place a drawer in the sink, turn on the hot water, add some liquid detergent and wipe out the drawer.
  •  Rinse when done and dry.  Return the drawer to the bottom of the refrigerator, after wiping down the inside space using the water from the bucket mixture.
  •  Move on to other drawers you have until done.   Be sure when Cleaning A Refrigerator that you throw out any items from these drawers that you no longer want.
  • Turn your attention to the door of the refrigerator and remove all of the items from the top space.
  •  Remove the shelf, if you can, and place in the sink to be cleaned.
  •  Use hot water and some of the liquid detergent.
  •  Rinse clean and dry.  Using the mixture in the bucket, wash down the inside of the door, both on the top and outer edges.
  •  Return your items to the shelf after they have been washed and dried.
  •  Move onto the next shelf and work your way down to the bottom of the door.
  •  Of course throwing out anything you no longer want or need keeps Cleaning A Refrigerator moving forward at a good pace. 
  •  Add fresh water to the bucket, some of the liquid detergent and a cupful of bleach.   Use your cloth to go over the edges of the door.
  •  Be sure to wipe down the rubber seal to the door.
  •  Close the door and wipe down the outside of the refrigerator.
  •  If you can, pull the refrigerator out from the wall and wash down all of its sides.
  •  Be sure to wipe down the walls around the refrigerator, as well as the floor.
  •  Once you're done push the refrigerator back into its space and turn it back on.  This is a good time to look under the frig for a drip pan.
  •  Most refrigerators do not have them any more, but many still do.
  •  You can find the drip pan behind the grate at the bottom of the door.
  •  Just open the door and give a good pull.  It should come right off.
  • The pan should be right there.
  •  Pull it out and place in the sink to clean. Use hot water and some of the liquid detergent. 
  •  If you need some of the bleach, use it.  Rinse it off, dry and replace.
  •  Now that wasn't too bad, was it?  And of course remember to replace the baking soda when necessary.

Cleaning A Refrigerator requires that you know something about food safety.   Click here to learn more.

Useful Resources

Cleaning A Refrigerator includes troubleshooting and repairing them more here, #23 in our library

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