Linen Organization

Linen Organization can be done in five easy steps. 

  • Clear a work space , this can be the top of your bed, or even the dining room table
  • Empty the linen closet, and wipe down the shelfs,  fold everything neatly, separate linens and towels,
  • Categorize, separate linens by the rooms, example: (tablecloths and napkins should be together),
  • Shelf the linens, designate a space for each type of linen, a good idea is to place your sets of sheets together, by placing them into a pillowcase , this keeps them neat and easily accessible, they can be stored by size and type
  • Extra items, the linen closet is a great space to store bathroom items in, like toilet tissue and Kleenex, you can store extra blankets and pillows on the top shelf. 

Keeping your home clean and efficient by organizing the linen closet is a good idea.

  I work in homes where the linen closet is a walk-in; this allows the homeowners to store many other items. 

You may have space for your storage boxes of crystal and china, as well as room for appliances, and even your luggage.

  You can see the opportunity here for storing just about anything. 

The one thing you will want to keep very clear in your mind is to make everything very accessible.

Keep as many containers as possible see through, this makes it much easier for you to find what you’re looking for. 

The linen closet today also seems to be a storage space for pharmaceuticals, your medicines and even your extra shampoos and soaps. 

If you need to use this space for that purpose, then get containers to store all of your items in.

  It’s much easier to pull a container out and find what you’re looking for than to rummage through the closet and move everything around to find what you need.

  This can be solved by placing labels on the containers; any good office supply store will have exactly what you need.

  Have fun with it; use lots of color if that’s what you like.  Remember to keep it simple, but above all clean.

Useful Resources

Linen Organization, starts with the best of linens. Check out this book in the library, # 35

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