Linen Storage Cabinet 

Your linen storage Cabinet can be neat and tidy as shown above.  Keeping your sheets  in storage boxes makes good sense.

  It saves time and helps keep our homes organized.  How many times have you gone to your Linen Storage Cabinet to find a set of sheets, only to be disappointed because nothing is in order?

The towels are mixed in with sheets, and none of the sets are together. At best a mixed set is put onto the bed and you hope that next time you can match them. This can be avoided by keeping the Linen Storage Cabinet organized.

Here’s a very helpful rule to follow.  Only purchase to sets of sheets for every bed in your home. 

Not only will it be easier to find them, very little space will need to be taken to store them.

Here’s What You Will Need:

Linen Storage Containers

Name Tags

Marker Pens

Linen Storage Containers can be found at local department stores, specialty shops, and on-line.  The local hardware store may even carry them.

Mine carries all manner of containers for the home. Make sure that you only buy the sizes you will need. 

You can get creative with where to place your  containers.  If your linen closet is so overwhelmed with items, then maybe placing the boxes under the bed so that you have easy access is a good idea, or maybe you have room on one of your bedroom closet shelf.

  You get the idea.  Keep them close and easy to get to.  Here’s a great rule to follow.  Don’t purchase more than two sets of sheets for every bed in your home. 

This makes them easy to store, and saves room for items you need to keep in the linen closet.


Name Tags can be found most places today.  From the grocery store, to the specialty shop, and the office supply store, as well as your favorite on-line store.  Keep them simple


Marker Pens are available in grocery stores, office supply stores, and of course your favorite on-line store. The heads should be large and bold for easy reading.

Don’t forget about your blankets, storage containers for them just make good sense.

Keeping them clean and free from dust, so the next time you need to pull one out for a guest, it is fresh and very clean.

  Here’s a great idea for the boxes, you can place a piece of cedar into each one, and this will keep all of the moths at bay and will give them a pleasant smell.

An organized Linen Storage Cabinet means folding your sheets

let's not forget about the rest of your linens, and getting them into order as well.  Follow along with this video and learn more.


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