Fold Fitted Sheet

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Learning how to Fold Fitted Sheet, will help to keep our home organization in check. practicing will make this become an easy task for you. so give it a try. 


  • The first things you do are shaking out the sheet and bring the long side from left to right in front of you. Then place down on the surface totally open.
  • Then bring the opposing corner over and place your hand in the seam and bring it up into the other seam.

  • Do the very same things on the other seams, then pick up the sheets and place your right hand into your left hand and fold the sheets over your right hand then lay them down and make into a rectangle. By flattening them out
  • The fitted end should now be to your right side.
  • Go to the top and bring it down so that you are making a straight edge to the top
  • Then place your hand in the corner seam and fold it over to make a straight edge on the folded seam side. Make it as square as's a good cleaning tip here. smooth out the sheets after every move.
  • When you think you have a nice edge to all sides, then pick up the sheets from the left side of you and bring them over to your right side smooth them once again.learning how to Fold Fitted Sheet is a good thing, right?
  • Pick the sheets up from the center of the fold lay them down and them smooth them out again.
  • Fold over one more time right to left. Smooth them out again
  • You now have a set of Folded fitted sheets. to place into your linen closet and no one would know that they are fitted sheets. After you learn Fold Fitted Sheet .check out this link to find storage boxes for your sheets.

Boxes are a great alternative when it comes to storage. it's a good home organization tip.

 Ifyou have a guest bedroom, then this is a great cleaning tip for you.

Most guest rooms do not put on sheets until a guest arrives.

In the meantime they are stored. The boxes keep them free of dust and contaminates.

They can be placed in closets, or under beds.

When you need to make the bed, just bring them out and put them on.

When your guest leaves, wash them and return them to their box, and you’re ready for the next guest. you now know how to Fold Fitted Sheets.

Remember keeping it simple and clean is the goal.

Let’s move forward to the living room.

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