Spring Cleaning List

Your Comprehensive List

spring is here deep cleaning starts now

What You Will Need

For Your Spring Cleaning List

  • A two gallon bucket 
  • A bottle of Lysol disinfectant (yellow)
  • A bottle of of window cleaner (your choice)
  • A bottle of tilex mildew 
  • A bottle of Mrs. Meyers all-purpose cleaner
  • A bottle of bio-green clean 
  • A container of powdered detergent
  • A plastic cup for rinsing bath walls
  • A scotch-brite sponge (large)
  • Micro-Cloths for dusting and washing 
  • A Squeegee for windows and mirrors
  • A razor-blade scraper
  • A cob-web duster 
  • A vacuum with attachments 
  • A good ring mop 
  • A knee pad 
  • A pair of rubber gloves

These are of course the basics for cleaning your home.

There are many more to consider while going through your Spring Cleaning.

Whether it's your fireplace that needs attention or your counter-tops, look to The Cleaning Authority page to find the right product for your projects.

The Spring Cleaning List goes hand in hand with the House Cleaning List. By taking these steps, you will have all of the knowledge you will ever need to get your home cleaned.

You’re Steps

Go to House Cleaning List   Find the room you want to clean as part of your spring clean, then make a list of everything in that room that needs to be done. 

Go to The Cleaning Authority and look up those items that need to be cleaned, and find the products for them and place into your spring cleaning list bucket.

Go to your first room and start your spring cleaning. Remember when you bundle items to be cleaned together, you are saving an enormous amount of time for yourself. 

Things you might consider bundling

Window treatments

Washing windows


Floor care this will include hardwoods, tile, carpeting, and oriental carpets

Walls, this will include all crown moldings trim doors and wainscoting.


These are just a few that can be bundled to save you time.  Keep a folder handy with your projects, so that you can keep track of the scheduled times for the bundle cleaning.

That way you will know when a serviceman is coming to your home. 

There are services for just about everything today.

  Don’t have the time to clean your appliances? Hire a service company to get them done.  Need to have the blinds washed? Companies now come to your home take them down and wash them sonically, then re-hang them when done. 

Need your onyx floors refinished and polished? Hire a company to come in and get that done.  You can even hire a person to come in and water your plants and trees if you have them Chandelier too big to handle yourself? Hire a specialist to come in and get it cleaned.

  I know of a home on the north shore of Chicago that has a chandelier so large that it fills a three story high room.

  It is hung with cables that can hold the weight, and is electrified so that it can be lowered for cleaning.  Think of a job that you would like to have done, and I’ll bet you will be able to find someone to do the work for you.

I even know of a company that will come in and clean your library. Your Spring Cleaning List should encompass all of those items that you do not take care of on a regular basis like in House Cleaning Tips.

  Remember to keep it simple, but above all clean.  And oh yes, have fun.

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