Thermal Blinds

Thermal blinds are made for your home to keep the temperature swings at a minimum.

That means when the temperature goes below a certain degree, you can lower your blinds and save that energy for keeping your home warm, and of course the opposite works for the warmer temperatures as well.

They can keep your home cooler in the summer.

Who doesn’t want to save some money these days?

This is a great opportunity for anyone trying to keep their energy costs down.

They can be purchased in stores or on-line.

The other option is to have them made specifically for your homes windows.

They can be made to optimum energy savings this way.

Because they are made to order, they fit exactly to the window you had them made for.

That means that the tracks for the blinds will not let any outside temps invade your home. This can be a very good idea. And the savings can be amazing.

Think about a space in your home that you’d like to keep down the cost of heating or air conditioning, and you may have a space that Thermal Blinds are very welcome..

The technology behind this particular blind is one of science. Thermal Blinds are made to very specific constraints. Here is what they are made of:

  • · Thinsulate: this is the material that sports clothing uses to keep the temperatures out. It’s lightweight and very thin.
  • · Aluminized Mylar: is laminated to each side of the thinsulate it keeps the heat from entering through the thinsulate.
  • · Lightweight polyester keeps the UV rays out
  • · Material is then added to the outside that is flame retardant and has been treated for water repellence.

You might be asking yourself, that doesn’t seem like a lot of material to be keeping the cold or the heat from entering your home, but remember this is science and these materials are the best at what they do.

They have been found to do exactly what these particular blinds are made for. And that is keeping the temperature swings out of your home.

The savings can be not just good but excellent.

Keep them in mind the next time you need to replace a blind in your home. Your wallet will appreciate it.

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