Venetian Blinds
the history

The City Of Venice at sunset

 Venetian Blinds, conjecture, yes or no.

The early Venetians, who were great traders, are thought to have brought the idea of the blind from Persia to Venice.

The  slaves, once freed, are then thought to have brought the blind to France for personal comfort and as a means of livelihood.

The French name is "Les Persienes." In 1761 St. Peter’s Church in Philadelphia was fitted with blinds.

The first pioneer of the  blind in the US was John Webster of London who advertised his wares in 1767.

The blinds then appeared in the 1787 painting by J.L. Gerome Ferris, entitled "The Visit of Paul Jones to the Constitutional Convention." Other illustrations show them at Independence Hall in Philadelphia at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The first large modern building in the US to adopt them was Rockefeller Center’s RCA Building (better known as the Radio City building) in New York City at the turn of the 20-th century.

They were thought to have grown in popularity for its technical improvements over cloth shading systems.

The following three advantages were often sited: 1) greater durability, 2) easier operation, and 3) more economical.

In the 1940s advocates of the  blind claimed that its technical supremacy came without losing charm, the rich possibilities of decorative and romantic treatments, and impressions of stately splendor.

However, the venetian blind proved to be more popular in commercial and institutional markets, where technical supremacy overshadows charm.

Anyone from my era, will tell you that they grew up with venetian blinds in their homes.  I can remember all of the front windows to our home, being covered with them. 

They were easy to take care of.  A light dusting every week, and a couple of times a year they were washed. So easy and economical were they, that they were found in almost every home across America.

Even commerce decided they were fit to be placed into buildings that were public.

it wasn't long before most companies were fitting their windows with the blinds.  Even today you can find them in many buildings and homes.  They come in many styles and colors and are still economical to own.

When you need something fast that will last a very long time, think about this Blind.

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