how to clean a chandelier

how to clean  a chandelier can take some time, and of course a lot of patience is required. 

Keeping the dining room well lit is very important.  We all want to see the food we are eating, and of course it’s nice to be able to see the person sitting next to you.

This room is used for many special occasions, so making how to clean a chandelierjust makes sense.

No matter what the size of your fixture, it is the focal point of the room and it needs to be kept clean. 

Some are easy to reach for cleaning, and some are not.  Just make sure that you have everything on hand that you will need to clean it.

That is half of the battle.  The other is keeping calm throughout the entire process.

Here’s What You Will Need

Thick Blanket

Step Ladder

Two Bath Towels

Bowl with Soapy Water

Clean Dish Towels


Digital Camera

Plastic Colander

Needle Nose Pliers


1.       Turn off the power to the chandelier.  If you don’t have the circuit breaker marked properly, then this is a good time to get that done.

If you would like to record the exact positions of all of the crystals, then use your digital camera now to capture those images.

You may think this does not make much sense, but I can tell you that how to clean a chandelier is very intricate chandeliers that are multilevel, this is a very good idea.

2.       Remove everything underneath the chandelier, this includes moving the table and chairs out of the way.

3.       Place the thick blanket under the chandelier to help stop breakage if something should fall to the floor.

4.       Set the kitchen up for cleaning.  Place the two towels on either side of the sink and place the bowl into the sink and add warm water and some liquid detergent.  Place the colander into the bowl to catch the crystals when you clean them.

5.       Using the step ladder,  start to remove a section of the crystals.  This may require you to use the needle nose pliers.

Sometimes the wires have been wrapped around their holes and you will need the pliers to undo them.

Be very careful, however, because this is usually when the wires will break, especially if they are very old. You may want to have extra wire on hand, just in case this may happen.

Talk to your electricians about where to purchase the wire.  Some keep wire on hand for just an occasion as this.  Remove the light bulbs and place into a container.

6.      Take the crystals to the kitchen and place to one side on a towel.  Taking one at a time, place into the warm water and wash each piece. Then rinse by raising the colander and running water over them to remove the soap.

Place onto the dry towel and use a dry dish cloth to dry each piece.  Go back to the chandelier and wipe down the section bars that hold the crystals.

Replace the crystals to their rightful places and move onto the next section.  Keep going until you have finished the entire chandelier.

7.       Replace the light bulbs after you clean them. 

8.       Turn the circuit breaker back on and check to see that the lights turn on again.  If they do, then return the table and chairs after removing the blanket from the floor.  You’re done.

I’ll bet it looks great. You're now ready for the next dinner party, or special occasion. Enjoy!

how to clean a chandelier can be very rewarding as a Spring Cleaning project

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