how to make a bed

How to make a bed, how many times has that one come out of your teen?  Or for that matter any one of your children.  I’m sure you’ve heard it so often that you just let it go unanswered.

  But here’s your chance to get it right. Sit them down and have them watch this video, it’s great.

It’s the perfect bed, I know you don’t expect that from your children but you may be surprised, when they start making their own beds.  Since we spend about one third of our lives in the bed, getting how to make a bed just makes sense.

Follow these steps

  • Place the mattress cover on the bed
  • Place your fitted sheet onto the bed
  • Place your flat sheet onto the fitted sheet; make sure the finished side is facing the fitted sheet.

  • Place your blanket onto the bed, if you transition from season to season, then change out the blanket  the fitted edge will face the sheet once again  don’t forget to do hospital corners on the sheet and blanket, this helps to keep them in place as you sleep.
  • Place your duvet onto the bed; roll the fabric back into thirds ending at the foot of the bed.
  • Place your pillows cases onto the pillows, and place them onto the bed, if you have a set with shams, then place them on top of the pillows, and place any decorative pillows in front of them.

There you have it, how to make a bed absolutely perfect.  I’ll bet your children have jumped right into it and they are making their own beds right now.

  Are you laughing yet?  Oh go ahead, it’s a great release.  If you are thing about your own master bedroom decorating ideas, think about how you can change out your bedding.

With just a few changes you can have a totally new look in your bedroom.  Have a look at the decorating magazines for ideas.  Most are adaptable and can be done for little or next to no money at all.  

Don’t forget after learning how to make a bed to think about either sending out the bedding or washing it all yourself.

  If your machines are not large enough to wash and dry them, then take them out to the nearest Laundromat.  For just a few dollars you can wash and dry them.

Many Laundromats have drop-off services.  So even if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can drop them off and they will wash and dry them for you. 

This is great for the busy mom or professional who just does not have any free time. Call around to see who has this service, and what they will charge you. You might be surprised. 

This is a great idea for the college student also. So pass it on to anyone you know that might be able to use this kind of service.

  It can save enormous amounts of time.  For anyone else, you can send you’re bedding out to the dry cleaners. Many have pick up and deliver services, so think about this if you are trying to save yourself a lot of time. 

This is a good one to use, when you are spring cleaning..  Who knew how to make a bed would be so much fun. Enjoy.

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