Towel Folding

Folding Towels can be fun

With Towel Folding, you're going to want to jump right into this video and learn all that there is to know about how to fold towels, and displaying your towels around your home.

They are the finishing touch to your baths and guest quarters if you have them, so make it nice for your guests.

Great towels displayed right makes us all feel good.

And don’t do this just for your guests, do it for yourself also.

Who doesn’t want to end the day with a long soak, or shower and then be wrapped up in a big and warm fluffy towel?

The other side to folding your towels is the amount of space you will save in your linen closet.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve open the linen closet to a client’s home and found that fibber McGee and Molly had arrived.

To those of you that don’t know about fibber McGee  and Molly, this was an old fashioned radio program from the 1940’s.

Whenever McGee would open the closet to get something the whole closet would end up at his feet all at once.

So you see that by folding your towels, sheets, and blankets can save you this embarrassment.

Not to mention the amount of time that it takes to put it all back.

So take some time out of your busy schedule and learn how to fold your towels.

Towel Folding 101 is number 18 on our recommended reading lists.

Be sure to take some time and experiment with the way you fold your towels.  there are many ways to fold, and display your towels.

  By placing them into a basket, you will save an enormous amount of space in your bath.

  This is especially good if you have no storage in your home.  Baskets can house many items, and are stackable for even more space saving.

Look for other ways to display your towels.  Even glass can work well for displaying.  use your imagination.  I'm sure you can come up with many ways to display and fold your towels. 

Have fun and pass your ideas around to your friends.


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